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Bring your window display to life with START NOW. It is as simple as 1…2…3

Susan Khin
02 Jul 2019

What is the START NOW?

VitrineMedia Canada, pioneer and world leader in LED display solutions, proudly announces the launch of our latest innovative promotional sign for both the retail and the real estate industries. The START NOW.

Guaranteed high visibility and impact in 5 minutes. VitrineMedia’s new Start Now LED panel installation pads allow for easy, tool free hanging of our Remarkable LED display panels in your windows.

The installation pads can be removed and reused in differe...

The cities with the most expensive houses to live in 2019

Susan Khin
05 Jun 2019

The 12 cities with the most expensive housing markets to live in worldwide 2019

These are the 12 most expensive cities in the world to buy a house in, in 2019. This data is according to a recently released report Global Living 2019 by CBRE, which is one of the worlds largest commercial real estate and investment firms.

All the figures below are in US dollars.

It seems after a decade of housing prices going up and up in many parts of the world, that this growth is starting to s...

Get more bang for your buck and use your internal office space to shine

Susan Khin
17 May 2019

How can the use of LED displays internally help your business?

LED has been taking over from traditional signage for years now, but it is only really recently that it has started to find its way inside of businesses. Companies are now seeing how the use of internal LED displays can help them showcase their businesses, through the use of their internal space, as well as their window displays.

Internal LED displays play an important role in ensuring that your brands message is bei...

Co-Founder and Director of VitrineMedia Canada, Benjamin Champagne on his Everest adventure

Susan Khin
01 May 2019

We spoke with Benjamin Champagne the Co-Founder and Director of VitrineMedia Canada, on his recent accomplishment of the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek, that he completed with his father.

Born and raised in France, Benjamin was instrumental in the creation of VitrineMedia in 2007, and broke new ground with the transformation of real estate agencies with their backlit LED Window solutions. Since then over a million LED Displays have been manufactured and sold globally.

It seems Benjamin’s love...

The cities in Canada with the highest rentals in 2019

Susan Khin
15 Apr 2019

How many Canadians are renting?

Just under a third of all households in Canada live in rental housing, this amounts to around 4.4 million families and adults. Nearly half of these are spending more than the recommended 30% of their income on housing. Even more concerning is that 1 in 5 are spending more than 50% of their income on housing.

This is resulting in a looming affordability crisis, with rental prices expecting to increase by 6% across Canada this year.

Canada’s ...

Your chance to WIN a range of backlit LED solutions

Susan Khin
09 Apr 2019

VitrineMedia Canada proudly invites you to enter our lucky draw and WIN!

VitrineMedia global leader and manufacturer of backlit LED solutions is proud to have sold over a million displays globally to over 40,000 customers all over the world. In 2007 VitrineMedia took the real estate market by storm, and transformed the industry with its world renowned backlit LED window solutions.

We set ourselves apart through the use of the latest, energy-saving LED technology. This technolo...

Power your show day staging with an Agent Companion

Susan Khin
27 Mar 2019

Does staging a house really improve the chances of it selling?

According to many realtors, yes it does. It is like the frosting on a cake. A neat and tidy house filled with great looking furniture and well thought out accessories can make a huge difference to the appearance of a house, especially to the average untrained buyers’ eye.

It is however important to remember that staging a house is not designed to hide any flaws that there may be. Staging a house will rather enhance...

Where to for the Vancouver housing market?

Susan Khin
27 Mar 2019

We spoke with Holly Wood from Sotheby’s International Realty. As a leading Vancouver Realtor, Holly Wood has been successfully selling real estate for over a decade.

Holly is a Certified Luxury Homes Marketing Realtor who specializes in Residential Luxury View and Waterfront properties. Proudly servicing Downtown along the most coveted spectacular waterfront locations, Vancouver, West and North Vancouver, Burnaby and Coquitlam.

A Certified Property Manager, 20 year plus local resident and p...

Let there be light – LED Displays and their role in the real estate industry

Susan Khin
20 Mar 2019

Grabbing the attention of the passer-by

The point of a window display is all about grabbing the attention of the passer-by. Being seen is key to the success of any company competing and succeeding in any industry. This is especially the case in the competitive real estate industry.

A display window needs to be eye catching, it only takes a few seconds to walk past a store window. If you don’t grab the attention of the passer-by in those few seconds, you have lost the sale.


Which window display is more likely to catch your attention?

Susan Khin
19 Mar 2019

Never underestimate the power of visuals

We are living in the age of visual communication and visual content plays a crucial role in how we absorb information and remember it. The world we are living in is becoming increasingly visual, which is why visuals play such a major role in telling a brands story.

Studies show that as many as 65 percent of the population are visual learners. This means that adding visuals to courses are key to engaging learners and for them to retain and recall in...