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Are you aware that having online presence is crucial but don’t have the time to manage?

Are you aware that having online presence is crucial but don’t have the time to manage?

It doesn’t matter what your expectations are or your level of expertise, we have the ideal solution for you. 

Directly linked to your ads, Social IMMO allows you to post appealing and engaging content on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. 

Having our solution in hand will significantly increase your visibility on social media. 

Social IMMO Classic

Be present in all social media; Youtube, Facebook and Twitter and profit from optimized content. 

Youtube: Create videos reflecting your image in just a few clicks and post them on your Youtube channel. 

These videos can be easily shared on your website. Transforming your ads into videos has never been easier. 

Twitter : Keep you community up to date with your most recent news by posting pictures (or photo albums) of your latest properties. I order to get more appeal, the picture will be integrated in the template of your choice (Sold, Open House, etc.). 

Facebook : You have the opportunity of easily creating videos that will be posted with just one click on your Facebook page. To make the post even more customized, you have the choice among a large variety of templates, effects and music (voice or just melody), including your logo and a picture. 

You can also post only one picture or a photo album.

With the objective of adapting our services to your image, we manage a large variety os templates. 

Throughout the year, you can find special edition templates according to the celebration of the moment (Valentine’s Day, Easter, Holidays, etc.). Videos and pictures are customized with your logo and contact information.


Are you aware of the importance of developing your own community but have no time to do it? Social IMMO PREMIUM is the perfect solution. In addition to having all the advantages of the CLASSIC package, Social IMMO PREMIUM takes care of posting quality content in your social media accounts for you.  

Youtube : Every time there is a new property added to your listing, a video will be automatically posted on Youtube.  In case of status changes (Drop in Price, Sold, Open House, etc.), the title and video summary will be automatically updated. You will have the possibility to choose from a large variety of templates, intro videos and music. These videos are very easy to integrate in your website to take it to next level of professionalism. 

Twitter : Every time there is an update or a new property is added to your listing (Sold, Drop in Price, etc.), a picture with one of the selected templates will be posted on Twitter. The best way for your community to keep up with you!

Facebook : When a new property is added, a video will be automatically generated thank to the photos and property description. Then, it will be posted on Facebook immediately. Just as with Youtube, you have a large range of templates, introductory videos or even music.

Videos are the most shared media on the social network Facebook. With our solution, you improve the attractiveness of your ad while allowing your client to project easily.

From your interface you have settings that allow you to control the content that will appear on your social networks (activation or not of a social network, choice of templates, music, general information, ...). Your digital presence is optimized with consistent, high-quality content. Your community is notified of all changes in your listings. And most importantly you save time in order to dedicate yourself fully to your activity!

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